Choosing a Cabin

Cabin space is adequate. Cabins average 134 s.f. – roughly the size of a 10X13 room with two single beds that make up into a large queen. There is plenty of storage in the closet and drawer and shelf space as well. The cabins are efficient in their use of space and surprising in what they hold. It is not large by any stretch of the imagination and not a place to entertain. More than three people would require some creative ways of maneuvering through the open floor space. The bathrooms contain a toilet sink and shower stall all of which seem small but quite capable of meeting needs. Key to the miniaturization required to make room in the cabin is the conservation of counter/table top space. The room contains a writing desk and chair, for example, but the writing surface would bear only a standard size sheet of paper. The counter in the bath might be 10 inches deep. Will all that we bring fit into a room that small? Amazingly, yes! The key to making the most of the room is to unpack your bags use the drawers, shelves, and hangers and put your empty suitcases under the bed. To view the deck plan and find your specific cabin follow this link. To view all deck plans go to Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas page.
Inside – This is the bare bones room with all of the basic amenities. To remove the feeling of claustrophobia the wall holds a large mirror creating a more roomy feeling and the appearance of a window. The two twin beds can be moved together to make a large queen. Plenty of closet space, underbed storage space augment the 134 square feet of living space
Atrium Inside – An inside cabin with a window overlooking the center promenade. The room has a second sofa/window seat. Atrium rooms have a privacy issue since the matching room across the promenade is not really that far away but these are a wonderful place for watching the parades on the promenade. The room is perfect for those who must have a window.
Window – Located on decks one and two of the ship, these rooms have a large window overlooking the ocean. Because of their location, they tend to be out of the way of most ship board activity. We have not reserved any of these cabins.
Balcony – The majority of cabins have a small balcony with a table and two chairs. These have the same amenities as an inside cabin with the addition of a balcony.

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