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Are you a Travel Agent?

I am a pastor of a church that enjoys travel. Over several years of arrnagning cruises I entered into a partnership with Global Travel Internationa and am recognized as an agent for that company. I can assist you in putting together your own vacation, honeymoon, or group event by contacting me by email at George@CruisinChristians.com or by accessing my booking site.

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We want to go, but cannot pay by the deadline. Can we still go?

we have a payment plan to give some structure to your payments. For details follow this link

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Will we have the whole ship?

NO.We don’t work that way. First of all, we do not envision ourselves controlling the whole ship. That would take too much work and limit the ships that we use for our vacations. We want to be aboard the biggest and best ships in the industry that cater to the young family with activities that people want. We ask that you exercise the control that any believer would exercise during any vacation experience.

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Are we locked in to the group's activities?

NO! This is another benefit of the structure of our cruise package. You may do what YOU want to do. We do ask you to try and come to the devotional in the evening and to let us know if you will miss dinner in the dining room (but mostly for the sake of our wait staff). The day is yours. Want to go parasailing in Labadee? GO! Want to sit by the pool and read? DO SO! The week is yours to enjoy. On the other hand, if you're looking for someone to go shopping with you in San Juan and someone from our fellowship is going that way too, then you have someone to share the cab!

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Where are we cruising from?

Port Canaveral Florida is a well established port with air connections to Orlando International Airport only an hour away. The port is also close enough for some to drive. You may read more about Port Canaveral here link.

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Are there other expenses that I should be aware of?


Beverages are an additional charge. While complimentary coffee, hot and iced tea, and lemonade, as well as ship purified tap water are readily available, there are extra fees for carbonated beverages and juices. For convenience, you may purchase a soda card on the first day of the cruise and have unlimited sodas and fruit juices.

Specialty Restaurants. The ship has four specialty venues, each with up-charges. A coffee bar and ice cream cafe sells Ben and Jerry's ice cream and espresso coffee drinks for a small fee. Johnny Rockets is a 50's hamburger diner with a cover charge and an additional fee for milk shakes. Two special event fine dining venues offer the ultimate in dining and service for an up-charge.

Excursions. At each port there are structured activities run by the ship's tour operators. Each of these has a fee in keeping with the excursion. We recommend reviewing Royal Caribbean's web site for detailed information. You may leave the ship at any port free of charge and purchase excursions from tour operators in the ports as well.

Spa Treatments. The ship operates a full service spa offering all manner of treatment from teeth whitening to full body hot stone massage.

Land food. You are on your own for any food that you may purchase when not on the ship.

Travel Insurance. We strongly suggest you invest in a travel insurance policy to cover cancellations illness and other unforeseen events. Here is informaton from our preferred carrier

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How Will I get to the Cruise Port?

If you are driving to Florida you should arrive on Saturday and stay overnight with us at the Radisson Resort By the Port. The hotel will shuttle all of us to the ship on Sunday morning. Those flying in will be picked up by a transportation company that we will arrange and brought to the hotel. If you are not flying with us we will need to know your flight arrangements to get you from the airport to the hotel.

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Is this a good Deal?

YES! Cruise vacations are a bargain because they include all of the food, lodging and activities in a single package. We will be sailing in an off season, so fares are low.

The other side of this question is the value involved in a cruise vacation. A cuise ship is a 5-star resort offering accomodations, activities, dining, and entertainment options that would cost thousands of dollars to enjoy were it a land vacation. In addition, we will visit several different islands and get a snapshot tour of each. This may be an every other year vacation or a once in a decade trip, but should certainly not be a once in a lifetime experience

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Will I get Seasick?

Many people say to me when I mention joining us on a cruise that they would be seasick and would not enjoy the trip. I have come to think of this as a quick way of dismissing the idea and avoiding the thoughts of having a good time. We have put together a great deal of information on this topic and would direct you to our SEASICKNESS page and the information contained in it, but we should also like to disspell some common misconceptions. MISCONCEPTION #1. cruise ships have a lot of motion. The fact is the ships are very large and very stable. I have likened it to crossing NY harbor on the Staten Island Ferry. MISCONCEPTION #2 The seas are rough. Sometimes, there is a slight surge of surf as the ship crosses the Gulf Stream, but seas are generally calm. Even during Hurricane season the Captain will search for calmer waters.

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What are the devotional gatherings like? and when will they take place?

Our nightly meeting will be a time to focus our attention on the Lord and His blessings to us. They will usually take place after dinner and last about an hour.

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What about the drinking and gambling?

Yes, both of these will go on aboard the ship. There may even be times when you will stumble upon public drunkenness. Sadly, this is the world that we live in. However, Royal Caribbean is noted for being a "family" cruise line. More area is devoted to family and children's activities than gambling, for example. What you will find is that the size of the ship and the focus of the ship will mitigate many of these questionable activities.

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Can I bring my children?

Oh please DO! Cruises are now family vacations with decks of activities devoted to children.. The Ship has a program called ADVENTURE OCEAN - a day camp like feature sponsored by Fischer Price The Explorer of the Seas even has a special waterslide for the children. Yes, it is a school week and those involved in winter sports will probably not be able to join us, but we know that, while they don't advertise it, schools will permit your children to travel on family vacations with advanced warning. We would hope that many families would take advantage of the opportunity to get away and enjoy a family vacation. We do want to warn you that cruise lines consider every person of every age a person. There are no special rates for children.

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What do I need to bring?

Prior to our departure we will send you a detailed packing list.

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When do I need to book?

For Special Pricing, we need your $50 deposit by May 15, 2009. You may continue to book at our current rates through September 15, 2009, but we will need a full deposit at the time of booking.

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Can I get a refund?

If you cannot go with us we will refund all but $50 of your fare up until July, 2010. After that time we will pro-rate your refund. Insurance premiums and airfares are not refundable

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What about Hurricanes?

Hurricanes happen. However, the Caribbean is a lot larger than it looks on a map and the captain of the ship is able to steer us away from rough seas. Because we are going in hurricane season there is always the possibility that we could miss ports.

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