Who We Are
My wife, Cindy and I have been in the pastorate for more than 20 years and have a passion for Jesus Christ, a love for God’s people – his church, and an enjoyment of travel. I have always considered travel my favorite hobby and enjoy mapping my adventures and visiting new places. Our vacations have always been thoroughly planned (you could ask Cindy) because I want to get the most out of my vacation.

Now, I believe that God makes us for a purpose and in doing so he has given us not only our

SPIRITUAL GIFTS – for me its teaching, preaching and hospitality – but also our
HEART – like people and travel. our ABILITIES – putting together the research to get a great deal, our PERSONALITIES – I’m a gregarious introvert, who promotes the welfare of the group without overwhelming people with my personality, and our
EXPERIENCES - I think vacations are EXPERIENCES that God uses to encourage us and give us positive blessings.

In fact, if whatever we do we are to do it with all our heart, then I should vacation to the best of my ability as well. I also think that there are some vacation EXPERIENCES that are best in a group of people. For many years Cindy and I had considered taking a cruise. We had 4 major hang-ups
1. We thought cruising was expensive and we could not afford cruising. We even turned down the idea of last minute bargain fares because of items 2-4.
2. We were concerned about seasickness. I do fine, but someone that I know and love can get motion sickness in the front seat of a car.
3. What can you do on a cruise ship? We don’t gamble and we don’t drink. We thought that was what cruising was all about. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…
4. We were concerned about spending a week on a ship with a bunch of people that we didn’t know (especially if all they wanted to do was gamble and drink!).

So we performed an experiment. An experiment that uses all of the skills and abilities that God has given me. We decided to plan a cruise vacation for a group of believers to satisfy all of our cruise concerns (except the seasickness thing, and we found other solutions for that). What we found is that we can have a great time on vacation with other Christians, give God the glory in our relaxation and play, while avoiding all of the pitfalls that the world slips into.

So you see, organizing faith and family friendly vacations is part of God’s purpose for my life. I won’t give up my day job. Preaching is my calling. But why shouldn’t we use our hobbies to bless God’s people?

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